Art & Heritage of Cultures

Visiting countries rich in culture as well as art provides enrichment worth experiencing. We know the best places which have preserved their culture truly allowing you to live and learn all about their way of life. For a vacation destination that will keep you on your toes throughout the entire journey, call Drift Away Travel

Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safaris are filled with beautiful, breath taking landscapes and are home to hundreds of animals. They offer visitors the opportunity to interact with the animals, take pictures of them, feed them and learn about them too. Call Forest Travel today to learn more about the Safaris near you or your next vacation destination, for an encounter you will never forget.

Wineries & Tours

Have you ever been curious about where the finest wine is being made or how they’re making it? Visiting prestigious wineries around the world has been a fan favorite for couples and group of friends. From beautiful vineyards in Napa Valley to refined wineries in Bordeaux, France, wherever your next vacation destination may be, we’ll know the best places you’ll need to visit.

Rail Journeys

Definite bucket list! Rail tours offer a distinctive type of vacation to its travelers. While most of the transportation is via rail, it has been an attraction for many years. Rail tours will give you an incredible view, comfort and excitement, for a journey you will never forget.

Luxury Yachting

For the luxury yachting vacation of your dreams look no further. The experience of luxury yachting is one like no other. white glove service, comfort and privacy in a luxury yacht. At Drift Away Travel we take pride in knowing that we are experts with every aspect of luxury travel, call us to assist you in finding the itinerary to fit all your traveling needs.