Drift Away Travel Keys to Value

Do your homework but don’t book online

Many deals, including specials for military members, seniors, etc., may not be available online, Be mindful of sales with restrictive offers where deposits are non-refundable. Shipboard credits and worthless coupon books are mere distractions. Consider offers based on merit, not hype.

Booking Lowest  Price vs. high Value

The lowest price doesn’t always mean the best deal!

 Cruise lines are competing for your vacation dollars by offering great amenities such as onboard credits, beverage packages & complimentary gratuities.    Always factor approximately what your overall spend is going to be onboard before deciding which way to book.      Reminder once on the cruise you will likely spend more than you thought!  Goodies offered by the cruise lines provide the chance to enjoy your cruise without worrying about the bill at the end of the cruise. 

The Art of the Deal, Always Use a Cruise Agent

There isn’t one advantage to booking directly with any cruise line. You’ll never receive the objective advice that an experienced travel professional can provide, and a true cruise specialist will be able to match you with the best deal & vacation. There are often even better deals on similar ships and sailing dates.

Always Consider Travel Insurance

A cruise or any vacation is an investment of money and time which should be protected. Besides providing protection for cancellation, policies also cover interruption and travel delay and are worth serious consideration. Purchasing travel insurance isn’t necessary on most cruises until final payment time as there is no risk up until that point

If available consider booking a Guarantee Cabin

Do the math: Booking a specific cabin may cost about $2,000, while a guarantee cabin is just $900.  Calculated risk is good sometimes. The guarantee cabin means you’ll get the cabin type you want with a possible FREE upgrade.  Suite guarantees are always good and you can’t go wrong with booking a guarantee room with a balcony. The difference can be hundreds of dollars.

Book Early

Book your cruise as soon as possible. Some of the most desired specialty itineraries like Europe and Alaska require booking in advance to avoid paying higher air and cruise fares. Early booking means larger discounts and better cabins available. The difference can easily be thousands of dollars.